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Kanji/Kana ウェネグ
Voiced by
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Faction Gravekeeper
Abilities Secret Arts
Body Transformation
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 20 (Zero)
Image Gallery

Weneg was the leader of the Putra Gravekeepers. He appeared in the prequel series Akame Ga Kill!: Zero.


Weneg was a tall muscular man with long black hair. When using the gravekeeper's secret arts, he transforms into a creature that heavily resembles Anubis.


Weneg is a traditionalist who lives by the rules of the Gravekeepers. He's attentive to his health so that he can be a Gravekeeper for as long as he can. He desires to have strong children.


Weneg was the leader of the Gravekeepers. He came to inspect the female captives when Kurome, Natala, Gin and Tsukushi when they were taken prisoner by the gravekeepers. Gin called him a dirty old man and he retorted that she herself was very indecently dressed at the moment.

He considered Kurome to be the strongest female prisoner, and wanted her to be his wife to father strong children. He then introduced himself to her while declaring his subordinates could have the other prisoners. He noticed Guy's presence beneath the floor and they began to fight. He was overwhelmed by Guy during their fight, but managed to kill hem by using his curse to inflict a serious head injury. Guy managed to create a stone wall to temporary keep him contained and give the prisoners a chance to escape. Weneg broke through the wall while declaring he was going to keep Guy's skull and ripped his heart out, killing him. He then chased after the captives and was confronted by Akame and Green. He and Jamo than faced their opponents. Jamo soon ran away and let him deal with both opponents. Green defended Akame who looked for a opening but instinctively protected Green, which caused Weneg to criticise her. He defeated Green and was about to kill Akame. However, the escaped prisoners arrived just in time and Tsukushi told Akame about Weneg's curse. With Akame's fighting spirit renewed after seeing her sister, she attacked Weneg while declaring she could kill him thanks to Kiriichimonji's ability to create wounds that can't heal or close.

She then began to slowly kill him by inflicting numerous small injuries on him that easily healed when they were reflected back to her by the curse. Eventually he didn't have to energy to keep using the curse and was slain by Akame. Before dying, he explained that the Empire attacked the tombe and that the tombe itself would collapse when he, the leader of the Gravekeepers, died.


As a member of the Gravekeepers, Weneg could use the Gravekeeper's secret arts which allowed him to transform a part of his body into that of a danger beast called Nubis. Because he's their leader, unlike most of the Gravekeepers, he is capable of using the powers of a special-class danger beast. This gave him regenerative abilities, enhanced strength and the ability to breathe fire.

When injured, he can utilize a curse that allows him to reflect the damage he has received back onto his opponent. He can only transfer his most recent wound this way and used this ability to kill Guy. However, only physical damage is transfered, as seen when wounds made by Kiriichimonji could heal when reflected back to Akame. When he uses the curse, markings are visible all over his body and also on his opponent's body but only on the location where the wound is transferred to.

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