Welcome everyone, I'm Takashichea (Taka for short). I bought the Sentai Filmworks' Collector's Edition, Part 1. I say Part 1 because the company is splitting the collection in two, half of the anime series. Just as I feared once I learn. The important part of the Collector's Edition is the Red Book which could be the English translation of the original Akame ga Kill! Guidebook (see Amazon link). There are raw scans uploaded. My source is NSFW, not safe for work. Problem is that only a few pages were translated. I and others were curious if the Sentai Filmworks' guidebook which is smaller and presumably "half" of the original guidebook.

Here are a few camera uploads via Imgur.

Some issues: The Sentai Filmworks guidebook is a hardcover, so I won't be able to scan it without have to cut it open. Being a collector myself and liking this franchise, I won't cut it. I might purchase a copy of it online if possible.

In the mean time, I can take requests and transcribe it for you guys and gals. I'll be doing this for another Wikia, Anime Vice, that I'm tied to. The information is there and free for you guys and gals. I'm happy to do this service for anyone curious if you want to know about a character.

I'll post the table of contents so you know what's in the first Red Book.

Table of Contents

  1. Topic 1: Mine - Pg. 3
  2. Topic 2: Bulat - Pg. 5
  3. Topic 3: Sheele - Pg. 7
  4. Akame ga Kill! Characters - Pg. 9
  5. Night Raid Summary - Pg. 33
  6. Empire Summary - Pg. 35
  7. Jaegers Summary - Pg. 37
  8. Imperial Arms Summary - Pg. 39
  9. Witness the Death of - Pg. 51
  10. Love Kills Part 1 - Pg. 59
  11. Design Data: Characters - Pg. 61
  12. Design Data: Items - Pg. 67
  13. Design Data: Backgrounds - Pg. 69
  14. Special Talk 1: Sora Amamiya (Akame) & Soma Saito (Tatsumi) - Pg. 73
  15. Special Talk 1: Tomoki Kobayashi & Kazuhisa Nakamura - Pg. 79
  16. Akame ga Kill! Story: Episode Summaries - Pg. 85

Despite having pages on Empire and Jaegers, it's only a brief summary. Most of the bulk focuses on Night Raid in terms of character data, sketches, comments on attire, comments on weaponry, staff comments. You can see there is a huge gap of pages between Imperial Arms Summary and Witness the Death of. There could be some good data there for anyone on Imperial Arms.

Thank you everyone. Just let me know if you have requests. I do my best to complete them in a timely fashion.