Hello everyone

As I am sure you all know, Akame ga Kill! is nearly over. However, the ending is a important part of the story. I always consider the general tone of the ending to be extremely important. Especially if you remember the series years later, a disappointing ending can really damage a great story. In AGK!, there are still a lot of different ways the story can be concluded. A few remarks before I delve deeper into some of the possibilities. 

Many of the main characters (could) have a significantly reduced lifespan. To list a few possible reasons:

Akame: Using a dangerous drug (and her trump card).

Tatsumi: Being a dragon (and possibly becoming humanoid again or something).

Leone: Gravely wounded by the Prime Minister.

Mine: Used all her mental energy and is in a coma.

Najenda: Using Susanoo's trump card.

Kurome: Dying of drug overuse.

Wave: Using two Teigu's at once.

Because of the dubious health of our characters, we could have:

1) A traditional "happy ending": Everyone survives, Akame and Wave have no serious side effects, Tatsumi becomes human, Mine wakes up, Leone lives, Kurome is cured,Najenda leads the country to pace.... and they eventually take the boat trip together and live happily ever after. I am not very fond of this option, because I like the series dark and grim tone. AGK! isn't a fairy tail, so why have a fairy tail ending? An ending that's "to happy" would indeed be original and surprising, but it would also conflict with the dark tone of the series.

2) A "dark" ending, like the anime: Everybody dies, except maybe Akame, who disappears without a trace. I personally don't mind this kind of ending, but to many plot threads are set up at this point to just have everybody die. It would be kind of lame if Mine and Tatsumi would just drop dead after being in a coma/becoming a dragon.

3) Something in between. Some characters live, some die, the country is slowely rebuilded under new leadership. This ending is obviously the most likely choice. 

Personally, I would like a bittersweet ending.  The main characters enjoy some peace before they die after a few years because of the consequences of their actions. It would give the characters some well-deserved peace but also be in line with the dark and tragic undertones which made the serie so enjoyable (for me, at least). I would especially like to see them dying in a field, while looking at the stars (Thanks to BigBangOverlordBuster for the idea).

This all leads to the question: What kind of ending would you find statisfying? Please let me know and thank you for reading my blog!

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