Tatsumi is one of my favorite characters in this manga. From the begining, he wasnt so much of an assassin and that strong, when he arrived at the empire and got involved in one of night raid missions and entered his guild, but during the story, where he learned about the corruption of the empire, as well as the dead of his two dear friends, sayo and ieyasu, in the first chapter, he decided to join night raid, in order to stop the corruption in the empire and save many lives from this dangerous threat.

He received so much training and went in so many missions and fights to the death, like for example, his fight with ogre the general, the fight with the bufallo person in the tournament and the fights with the three beasts, including many of his fights with dr.stylish minions. The growth of his bonds and relationship whit his comrades and his girlfriend mine, have been of my favorite subjects in this manga, since it was thanks to their suport that he become such a strong character, as the main protagonist and a hero. Even when he unleashed incursio for the first time, having goten it from bulat, his mentor, in the fight against the three beasts, he began to adapt very well to this teigu of his, becoming more faster and stronger, during the fights against the jaegars, wild hunt, danger beasts and the four rakhasa demons, including protecting his comrades from many dangers and deadly situations.

His determination and will to fight agains the corruption of the empire, as well to protect his friends from danger is one of the good points in the personality of this character. I began to like him more when he forced incursio to a second evolution, making his power get more stronger and faster, making him one of the powerfull characters in this manga, at the very end. I also like his power to resist every poison, contributing to the development of his endurance. I enjoyed the fights he had against esdeath and budo, where he managed to beat and throw both of them, out of the ring, of the arena, while saving his comrades, from their attacks and inflict a single hit in both of them.

I also liked the fight between him and cosmina, who transformed to a high danger beast, overcoming, surviving her poisoned attacks and defeating her with a fast slice of his weapon and the fight between him and wave, where he showed great hand to hand combat against wave, while beating him to a pulp and clash with his ultimate attack in the end of this battle. This battle between the two is much better than the first one. This many factors about this character made him my favourite character and a beloved one.

Now, tatsumi is in the war, fighting against esdeath´s army, in order to defeat the empire. I expect a wonderfull final fight between tatsumi and esdeath, as well as the fight where he takes on the powerfull teigu of the emperor, wining in the end. I hope to see a very happy ending for him, in this manga, where he manages to survive in the final battle and get to reunite with mine, who i hope gets to recover form her coma and gets to marry him.

If Takahiro decides to kill this character in the manga, just like he did with him in the anime, but in a diferent way, without letting him have a happy ending with mine, I will forever reject the ending he has prepared for this manga and hate him forever. Anyone who wants tatsumi to survive in the end, please, say it and help me find a way to keep the main protagonit alive, like for example, gather everyone and make a voting contest, so we can get a major and high number of votes to say that tatsumi must live.

I aprecciate for the help and support.

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