And today we had the final episode of " Akame Ga Kill! ". Can't say if it was bad or good, It depends on the viewer's perspective but we have to recognize that was original and unexpected for the most hopeful people ( like me, kinda ).

In my Otaku times, I've never seen a creator with such hardiness and courage to make this type of ending, where you can pretty much see that some stories are not " Fairy Tales ", in fact Takahiro stepped on this concept and forced the viewer's to accept his own reality. He defenitely escaped the anime stereotype ( if i could say that ), making the characters die one by one, subverting our perspective of " comfort zone ". 

In this anime I hoped glorious victories, without sacrifices, and happy endings but that was just a way to escape the weekly menu of it, and when it came I was desoriented, even in a denial process, waiting the rainbow to comeback and tell me that was just a joke, it came ( literally ) but with bad news. In that moment I remembered a Burat's sentence, " You will have some painful and desperate experiences. In fact, most of them will be tragic. But we are the ones who chose this path. We will do the dirty work. And we will transform this world. " and realized that it was not only for Tatsumi, but for all the viewers ( otakus ).

And we will not see another anime like this daring to repeat what Akame ga Kill! boldly and cruelly showed and without sparing characters or public. Unless this anime wants to know the shortest path to the commercial failure ( Akame Ga Kill! was a success ). 

Well, eventually. It was good while it lasted. Had ups and downs, but it was a different work than you are used to and in a market saturated with old and recycled ideas like the anime, a renewal can even be healthy but it defenitely left a scar burned into my skin.

- Butterfly_Effect;