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  • Butterfly Effect

    And today we had the final episode of " Akame Ga Kill! ". Can't say if it was bad or good, It depends on the viewer's perspective but we have to recognize that was original and unexpected for the most hopeful people ( like me, kinda ).

    In my Otaku times, I've never seen a creator with such hardiness and courage to make this type of ending, where you can pretty much see that some stories are not " Fairy Tales ", in fact Takahiro stepped on this concept and forced the viewer's to accept his own reality. He defenitely escaped the anime stereotype ( if i could say that ), making the characters die one by one, subverting our perspective of " comfort zone ". 

    In this anime I hoped glorious victories, without sacrifices, and happy endings but that …

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  • Butterfly Effect

    Tatsumi's Death

    December 8, 2014 by Butterfly Effect

    Hello. i've recently joined this wiki, so sorry if im a bit ignorant.

    I wanted to ask you guys if in the previous episode of Akame Ga Kill Tatsumi really dies.

    In my opinion that's a bit disturbing, because for me he is tecnically the most important guy in the series. And another thing is that, there are so many characters dying in the past few episodes.

    Hope you can help me :)

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