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    Teigus are powerful weapons/tools that are used in the Akame Ga Kill! Universe, one of the most powerful are Esdeath's Demon Extract and The Emperor's teigu. But due to such strain, the order is that, "you can only use one teigu, if you use two or more, it's your end". If this strain and limits are removed at some point, would it still be fun to see unlimited powers unleashed, Esdeath's power is almost near that point. SO what if the teigus lost their limits, and if the strain is removed as well, will that give the teigu user a chance to be a God, or it will bring him to destruction.

    I've asked some people in the net of the teigu's combo, here are the most talked about so far:

    • Incursio+Grand Chariot (Too OP)
    • Murasame+Demon Extract (Truely demon…

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