Now time to start the lousy review of mine. ^_^

Continuing from the previous episode, Bols/Bors whichever you like, detonates the remainder of his Teigu. We get to see Leone and Akame use Wall's shield to protect themselves from the explosion, then Leone passed out shortly after, i'm pretty sure most anime only fans thought that Leone is dead at this point.

The scene next shift to Bols who escaped successfully, he starts some flashback which in AGK is a deathflag. Bols notices a girl crying and being the nice guy that he is goes to comfort the girl gotta say quite comedic Chelsea is pretty good at acting. Anyway, Chelsea then use the chance and kill Bols by stabbing him in the neck. I gotta say the anime did a better job at making this scene emotional, when i first read it in the Manga i was like okay he died, sucks to be him. But in this episode i was actually feeling bad for him. Maybe it's because of what happened to his family later on. Want to know what happened? Go read the Manga.

Moving on, Lubbock praise Chelsea, Chelsea decides to go on and finish off Kurome, usually i would say Chelsea's decision isn't wrong, but this time i gotta go with Lubbock it's too dangerous, especially when Kurome still has her puppets. Unfortunately, Chelsea head on with her plan and approach Kurome as Bols. After spending a while with her, Chelsea finds an opportunity to attack Kurome, sometimes i wonder why doesn't Chelsea carry a dagger with her, at least she should decapitate her target after incapacitating them, that's more safer than just stabbing them in the neck with a needle.

So here's Chelsea's downfall, Kurome reveals that she is further enhanced with some unknown drugs and can't die easily. Chelsea then attempts her escaped which is unsuccessful due to Natala and Doya, after a brief struggle, Chelsea is then killed. Seriously, i find this part extremely emotional on both the Manga and Anime due to the monologue from Chelsea. T-T Oh yeah, Chelsea did have a flashback before Kurome fought back eh, see flashback = death in AGK!.

Okay back on topic, we shift to Tatsumi and Akame who was sent by Najenda after Lubbock informs his allies on Chelsea chasing after Kurome. It seems like they follow a trail of blood left behind. Tatsumi then goes invisible using Incursio and goes into the town where he notices a crowd and falls on his knees once he sees Chelsea's head being stab into a poll or whatever is it. I'm just glad Tatsumi didn't scream out his frustration.

Comments are all welcomed.

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