Okay just read the chapter. Continuing from the previous chapter, Syura starts bragging about his plan being successful and as usual he's useless, so Esdeath and Budou end up doing everything. And i need to say, Syura you f*cked up basterd, i hope you die a horrible death. That basterd, poor Lubbock, it pains just to read through the pages of his torture. T-T Anyway Tatsumi tells Esdeath he has someone he likes. O_O Did he just raised the death flag for Mein (I still like to call her that), seriously Esdeath will go through all means to kill Mein. And the girls being worried about those two is a good touch. Hopefully Lubbock doesn't betray Night Raid. ( ._.) Cause if he does it might spell the end of Night Raid. And Esdeath she's as awesome as always, just freaking pick her Tatsumi, she outclass Mein by a huge scale.

  • Story : 10/10
  • Art : 10/10
  • Fight : 8/10
  • Overall : 9/10
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