This episode had a lot of things which made me go WTF. Starting of the episode was good with Wave and Night Raid bits. We immediately shift to Najenda leading the Revolutionary Army (one part of it only i believe), while the remaining three goes to kill Honest. Ran intercepts them. Something tells me that Ran is going to survive in the anime. They even changed his backstory from Champ to bandits after all.

We once again see Honest trying to presuade/manipulate Makoto to activate the ultimate Teigu, Gundam i mean Shikoutazer....., why that name. O___O Anyway Shikoutazer shows its power easily destroying here and there. I'm surprised the army from both side didn't run away. Embrace the death i suppose. ^___^"

We then see the legendary battle of Jack vs the Giant AGK! version, where Tatsumi battles the Shikoutazer. Eventually Wave comes to help, so the Jack and Jacky continues to battle the Shikoutazer. Destruction continues, Ran and Leone evacuate people. See Ran is going to live. ( .___.) One thing i like about the Tatsumi vs Mecha is that the anime throws in bits from the deceased NR members. Susanoo's advice and Bulat's speech. Incursio then evolves and become Super Saiyan + Digimon + wings Incursio, Tatsumi dodges all of Shikoutazer's attack and defeat the mecha with a falcon punch. I just gotta say when i first saw the armor i was like what in the name of Goldilock's mother is that form. >___> But after seeing it a few times over again, i suppose it's not bad.

With good comes the bad, Shikoutazer falls and being the nice guy that he is, Tatsumi sacrifices himself to rescue them. T^T Episode ends with Akame and Esdeath beside Tatsumi's body. Is it me or has everyone forgot about Honest already......

Talking about Honest, his many reaction made the episode so funny especially the ones when the mecha was defeated. Anyway next week we'll go to the final episode Akame ga Kill! no i'm serious the last episode's title is "Akame ga Kill!" i'm guessing it's the animators way with a pun or is it Takahiro. I wonder if the form Akame takes next episode is Murasame's trump card. If it is, i think this trump card should be in the Manga cause i really like it but of course i'll need to see the ability first before the final decision.

Well then B214 out~

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