Before i start my review i need to say this, next week, Gundam ga KIll! debuts!!! But seriously that's just terrible. The Ultimate Teigu being a giant robot. =___= Hopefully the Manga changes that. >___>

Anyway back to the episode. The episode starts with Tatsumi being depressed until the girls talks him out of it. I feel like the anime did good send off for Susanoo and Mine (though Tatsumi got over her death quite fast). At least they had someone who remembered them unlike Budo, who is like no one cares about him.

Back to Capital, the citizens have shown an all out rebellion. \^_^/ Wave becomes conflicted, Ran is calm as usual, while Kurome is definitely dying. ( ,_,) Once again, we see those ministers being worried, and Honest being the manipulative SOB that he is prepares for Imperial Teigu, Gundam. Anyway i dying Kurome then sends a coded message to Akame using tortured bodies. This is something i enjoyed about the anime, they expanded slightly on AGK! Zero. We get to learn more about the sisters and a few shots about the Elite Seven and Martha.

The duel between the sisters finally start until some Stylish made Danger Beast awaken. Seriously, why can't the anime just let them duel to death. >___> But thanks to the Danger Beast, Natala and Doya is gone. Akame-Kurome combi beats the Danger Beast. Seriously if Kurome and Wave joins NR i think i might welcome them with open hands, but i don't think that'll happen. And just when the death match between sisters continue Wave arrives attack Akame and Tatsumi arrives to stop Wave, seriously how many interventions is needed for just a single duel to death? Or are they planning to do a family introduction of sisters and brother-in-laws and have the younger sister + husband die at the same day. =___=

Okay, enough rant, gone out of topic, Kurome thanks Wave for coming but still decides to settle thing with Akame. Wave becomes confused and seems to have lost his reason to fight. Good Wave think harder, think harder and leave the Empire. ^_^/ Wave then carries his deceased wife comrade and leave. And out of no where we see some romantic development between Tatsumi and Akame. That sure developed fast. Fast to enough to make me think Mine's existence isn't there between those two anymore. ^_^" See my twist of "Tatsumi x Akame solidifies" for the anime few episode back is slowly coming true.

On to the final scene, Honest further manipulates Makoto to use the Imperial Teigu (AKA Gundam) as we now prepare for next episode "Kill the Gundam" or "Gundam ga Kill".

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