Okay finish watching episode so review time!

The starting of the episode seems pretty much like the manga one, NR decides to rescue Tatsumi. And like the manga, poor Lubbock, no one mentioned him once in the rescue plan. T^T Poor guy, and he had to die half a man, i mean it literally. He lost a ball and got sliced to half, how much half do you want a guy to end up. Esdeath then shows up in front of Tatsumi, too bad Esdeath doesn't try to approach Tatsumi the intial way as she did in Manga. ( ._.) Well it's not like there are 2 girls trying to rape him when Esdeath isn't around, so i suppose there's bound to be a difference in approach.

We shift scene to Jaegers, somehow it feels more and more like Ran will survive. >__> At least he's doing way better than Kurome who well i guess is gonna die next episode.

Back to NR who are planning for Tatsumi's rescue. Nice touch of the anime to have Najenda pay respect to Lubbock. T^T At least the anime did Lubbock for just than the manga, who made Lubbock into "Lubbock the half guy".

On to the day of execution, Emperor Makoto appears and give a speech, would have been a great one if half of his speech is true. I seem to be using lots of half in my review today eh. Anyway Honest leaves with Makoto as Esdeath prepares for her "execution" seems like the anime stays faithful at this point, till Mine arrives randomly shooting. The remaining three then arrives while Akame goes to retrieve Incursio. Lubbock set up bombs throughout the stadium. Lubbock prepared so many things and left it behind the anime is really doing Lubbock justice i tell you justice. T^T The fights ensues Budo overpowers Mine, seems like Budo gets some justice done for him too after the epic fail in the manga (not that Budo was affected or anything since he came out unscathed) but then i realized i was wrong, the anime downgrade Budo's epic fail to utter defeat. ( ._.) I mean seriously, you make his Teigu's ability different from the one in the Manga, and make it seem like it's OP only to lose. Seriously he's on par with Esdeath ain't he. >___>

On to another fight, Najenda + Susanoo vs Esdeath, is well not covered so much, and Esdeath is (in the anime) officially stronger than Budo. Somehow i feel like Susanoo's final moment isn't so epic like the one in the Manga. ( ._.) Oh well, at least we get a got a chance to see Esdeath's trump card. 

Finally the anime diverts fully from the manga with the completion of Mine's death, starting from this point, there will no longer be any Manga reference so anything truly goes now. Mine haters in the manga must be happy. At least she managed to confess to Tatsumi and share a kiss with him. Next week, we'll go to the one who will become Mine no. 2, Kurome. The anime is going to make me cry soon with all this continuous death one episode after another. T^T

P.s. I wonder if my Akame x Tatsumi solidfies in the anime thing will come true since my Mine dies in the anime came true.

News: I've locked Mine's page due to the edit warring that kept on happening due to anime-only viewers insistence over Mine's death. Said over and over again, we follow the canon source which is the manga, unless Mine dies in the Manga, she won't be listed as dead. I wonder if we should lock Kurome's page just in case.

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