So episode starts Night Raid does an assasination on their target, we see Tatsumi and Leone completing their mission smoothly. Then we see Sheele and Mine who weren't so lucky as they encountered Seryu and her Teigu, some battle occurs which ended with Sheele's death. 

Well the anime finally reached the part where we have our first Night Raid member's death. Sheele. T-T

Overall the episode was good, but for some reason it felt lacking in feeling for Sheele's death, but they animated Seryu AKA Justice-chan nicely. :) Poor Sheele though, it's only six episodes and we already lost her. ( ,_,)

Anyway It seems like we won't behaving time to mourn for Sheele since we're heading to the "Kill the Three" part. ( ,_,)

Thoughts on the episode

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