• B214

    Chapter 66

    December 21, 2015 by B214

    Okay so a lot happened in this chapter and it's clearly starting to divert from the anime already. For more info wait till the chapter gets translated.

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  • B214

    RIP Dorothea and Cosmina.

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  • B214

    side series

    February 4, 2015 by B214

    Yes i know it's a misleading title but i'm too lazy to think of a proper name. Anyway, i just suddenly got a thought, if Takahiro decides to do a side series on a AGK! character, who would you want it to feature.

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  • B214

    Chapter 55 non review

    December 20, 2014 by B214

    Chapter's out on stream. \^__^/ Not sure if it's the full chapter though, 29 pages only. Stream updated so it's only 29 pages. ( .___.)

    Few things on the chapter:

    1. Mine and Akame vs Esdeath
    2. Tatsumi and Leone vs Budo
    3. Najenda is preparing Danger Beasts
    4. Tatsumi seems to have fused with Incursio. (My wish of Tatsumi fusing with Incursio seems to have come true \^__^/)
    5. Tatsumi lands a hit on Budo (thanks to Bulat's teaching, aniki. T^T), Budo gets pissed lightning hits Colosseum.
    6. No one dies yet.
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  • B214

    This episode had a lot of things which made me go WTF. Starting of the episode was good with Wave and Night Raid bits. We immediately shift to Najenda leading the Revolutionary Army (one part of it only i believe), while the remaining three goes to kill Honest. Ran intercepts them. Something tells me that Ran is going to survive in the anime. They even changed his backstory from Champ to bandits after all.

    We once again see Honest trying to presuade/manipulate Makoto to activate the ultimate Teigu, Gundam i mean Shikoutazer....., why that name. O___O Anyway Shikoutazer shows its power easily destroying here and there. I'm surprised the army from both side didn't run away. Embrace the death i suppose. ^___^"

    We then see the legendary battle o…

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