This is my first time doing this blog thing and I'm not even sure what I should be talking about this, but I thought I might as well do something that everybody could join in on. One obvious choice is predictions for the future chapters and discussions on the past, current or future chapters in general. I'll make this one short, see how it does and if the overall response is good then I'll continue it.

If you're up to date with the manga so far, then you're definitely aware of this first big confrontation between Jaeger and Night Raid. Currently, it is an 8v2 since Wave was blown away right off the bat, but since having minions is so popular, it is pretty evened out. Wave will probably make it back towards the end of the fight, maybe even the other part of Esdese's group will come to suppport although I highly doubt it.

I'm not going to go into a summary of the chapter since that's what the chapter is out there for, but I'll just give out some thought inducing questions. As I said, this is my first time doing this so I don't know what I'm doing.

The TOP questions: Who is going to die in this next chapter?

This is by far the first question that will come to mind since with the author of this manga you really can't tell. We could end up losing another likeable protagonist or two. This is something that could make or break this story depending on who is killed off and in what way. Already 30 chapters in, fans are already having a favorite character that isn't the main character Tatsumi. For example, other than Tatsumi, my favorite character would be Leone(yes, I support TatsumiXLeone).

Lakame ga kill ch029 030

Night Raid vs. Jaegar (First Battle)

On Night Raid's side, in order of most probability to die to least, it goes: Leone, Akame, Susanno, Chelsea, Rabac, Mein, Najenda, Tatsumi. Now let me explain...

As much as it pains me to say it, with Leone already having lost an arm(not that it can't be reattached), the chances of her dieing in this battle has raised to a lot higher than the other characters. If not dead, she might have only one arm for the rest of the series. If the medical skill in the time period of this setting is good enough, it may be reattached(Leone alse has high regeneration to help with that as well). I personally hope she does survive.

Most will disagree with me, but the only reason Akame is second is because she is fighting with her sister and they both have the desire to kill each other. They actually want to kill each other most out of anybody else, so I can imagine this ending in a dual death with both Akame and Kurome dieing in one finally clash of blades or something along those lines.

After those first two, the percentage of death has really fallen for the rest of these characters. Susanno will probably survive unless he is obliterated protecting Najenda from an otherwise fatal attack. Other than that he'll survive.

Chelsea is actually up for the toss since she could and then she could not, depending on what this plan of hers is that is mentioned at the last chapter. I don't think she will, but I'm not really sure. I need more information before I can give a valid assumption.

Rabac won't die most likely since there really isn't a good reason for him to die unless he ends up fighting some sort of Jaegar reinforcement to the death, or protects his love(Najenda) to his death. In conclusion, it's not likely since there is no good reason for it, but the chance is still there.

Mein won't die simply because Seryuu is still alive as well as that teddy bear thing called Koro. Seryuu killed Schere, so Mein needs some closure and her parallel in Jaeger is Seryuu. The two are bound to fight much like Tatsumi is with Wave. Once Seryuu is dead, Mein becomes more expendable as a character. Who knows, she might die and her Teigu will be returned to its former master Najenda.

Najenda won't die since she is the boss of Night Raid and mostly because since she used to be a general and colleague of Esdese. Najenda will only die if it's in some epic battle against Esdese where either Najenda dies, it ends in a draw or both die. I can't see Najenda beating Esdese and surviving at this point since not much is known about her fighting capabilites. In conclusion, Najenda may die, but not in this battle or any time soon.

Tatsumi, even this story, has Main Character Invulnerability. That is not to say that he actually might never die in this manga since he possibly could. Tatsumi won't die in this battle since it is still too early in this manga for that to happen and that a rivalry has been created between him and Wave. Tatsumi and Wave will probably end up fighting once in the current battle and up to another two battles after. It'll either end with Tatsumi killing Wave, a draw, or Wave leaving Jaeger(not necessarily joining Night Raid). As for Jaeger, there are three people fighting(Bors, Kurome and Wave) and out of those three Bors and Kurome have an almost definite chance of dieing during this battle. Wave won't die in this battle since I believe he was given a more indepth introduction because he will be important later on. This could actually mean that if Tatsumi dies, Wave will take over as the main character. Anyways, as I said, Wave will definitely survive till the very end when it'll be just him and Esdese most likely.

One other question that I want to ask is: On whose side is Ran really on?

He is part of Jaegar, but is constantly seen thinking about his own hidden agenda. This means that he probably isn't on the side of the Empire, but it doesn't mean that he's a Revolutionary Army spy either. I believe that Ran might end up being the "FINAL BOSS" so to speak, of this manga. It'll be either him that's the final boss or the Prime Minister's Son. Who knows, they might be on the same team and may cause a coup detat and take over the Empire for themselves.

Just some food for the mind(or however the saying went), hope this is what a blog is supposed to be used for, but let the discussions begin. I'm kinda interested to hear what you all think. At the end, please tell me if I should continue this and leave me a few questions that you think should be talked about on the next one.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope the grammar isn't too bad since I kinda of rushed through it. Anyways, have a good morning, good afternoon or good night. Till next time, if there is one!

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