The First Emperor
The Emperor
Kanji/Kana 始皇帝
Rōmaji Shikōtei
Voiced by Riki Kagami (Japanese)
Carl Masterson (English)
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Green
Blood Type
Family The Emperor (Descendant)
Status Deceased
Faction The Empire
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 5
Anime Episode 4
Image Gallery

The First Emperor was the Empire's founder over a thousand years prior to the massive rebellion and the one who the prompted for the creation of more advanced weaponry that would serve as a means to protect his country.


The First Emperor was a middle-aged man with green hair, green eyes and a beard. He wore what is now a standard attire for an Emperor, which consists of a blue mantle, a large headdress and a golden scepter.


From what little is known, the Emperor was shown to be an extremely intelligent and determined man who deeply cared for the country he helped create and was adored by his citizens and subordinates.


The First Emperor founded the Empire a thousand years prior to the great rebellion. Fearing for the preservation of his prosperous nation, the Emperor gathered all great minds and scientists of the era and used their pooled knowledge and his resources to craft forty-eight extremely powerful weapons known as Teigu. He did this in order to pass them down to future generations, in hopes of preserving his, at that time, glorious nation.


The Empire thrived for thousand years before backsliding due to rampant corruption, decadence and a power-hungry Prime Minister who manipulated his descendant, committed atrocious crimes and bribed crooked officials for his personal gain. This injustice against the nation's citizens would later spark an uprising that sought out to dethrone the young Lord, along with his council, in hopes of establishing a peaceful country with equality and improved living standards.

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