Kanji/Kana 月光麗舞 シャムシール
Voiced by
Rōmaji Gekkō Reibu: Shamushīru
Full name Moonlight Sword Dance: Shamshir
Type Curved Blade
Status Unused
Faction The Revolutionary Army
User None
Former users Enshin
Abilities Aerial Blades
Trump Card
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 48

Moonlight Sword Dance: Shamshir is an Teigu in the form of a curved blade. It was owned by Enshin and is now owned by The Revolutionary Army.


Shamshir is a curved-blade Teigu that is capable of creating aerial blades. However, its ability is dependent on the lunar cycle.


  • Full Moon Wheel: It is a technique which only can be used while full moon is on. User slashes to air in every point around him creates a sphere of aerial blades.
  • Double-Pronged Attack: User swiftly slashes air two times and sends cross-shaped aerial blade towards to enemy.


  • A Shamshir, also spelled Shamsher, Shamsheer and Chimchir, is a type of curved sabre that originated in central Asia. Its name is derived from Persian شمشیر (romanized as shamshīr) which means "sword" in general.

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