Note: Filler Events that happen in the anime only and does not constitute to the canon material.

After the assassination of Bolic by Night Raid, Run, along with Wave and Kurome, stayed in the Capital awaiting new orders. Run stayed behind as Kurome went to fight Akame and as Wave followed her. During Revolutionary Army's assault on the Capital, Run confronted Tatsumi, Akame and Leone in order to stop them, however Leone distracted him letting her teammates go ahead, and the two engaged in a fight, during which Run was forced to activate Mastema's trump card against her. They were interrupted by the appearance of Shikoutazer, which Run recognized as the "legendary Teigu". Both he and Leone went out to the city to rescue civilians.

Wave & Run Anime Ending

Run and Wave visits Kurome's grave.

After Shikoutazer's destruction, Run helped an injured Wave to move and the two witnessed Esdeath's death. Later after the Revolutionary Army's victory and the rebuilding of the country, they visited Kurome's grave, both promising to help the new Empire in their own different ways - with Run meaning to protect the government from the inside - while also playfully commenting about Tatsumi running away from Esdeath again in the afterlife.