Rare Suit
Rhea suit front
Type Armor
Status Unknown
Faction The Empire
Abilities Earth Excavation
User Guy
Former users
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 2 (Zero)

Rare Suit is a Shingu shown only in the prequel series, Akame Ga Kill!: Zero. It takes the form of an armor. It's wielded by Guy.


Rare Suit, like all other Shingu, was created four hundred years before the start of the series by The Emperor of that time in an attempt to create weapons that could surpass the Teigu.

It was kept hidden in the Empire's secret storage until It was given to Guy by Gozuki. Its status is currently unknown after Guy was killed by Weneg inside the gravekeepers' tombe, which collapsed shortly afterwards.


Rare Suit's ability is manipulating soil. It is unable to create soil out of nothing. Its biggest advantage is burrowing underground, which can be used to surprise attack unaware foes however, using it puts great strain on the user's body.



  • Rhea is the name of the daughter of Gaia, the Greek goddess of Earth.

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