Wild Hunt Members

Wild Hunt, the former targets of Night Raid.

This is a list of all the targets that Night Raid have targeted. Most are deceased, although some have yet to be assassinated.

List of Targets

Honest (Deceased)
Koukei (Deceased)
Saikyuu (Deceased)
Youkan (Deceased)
Dousen (Deceased)
Gamal (Deceased)
Iokal (Deceased)
Ogre (Deceased)
Zanku (Deceased)
Bolic (Deceased)
Gebaze (Deceased)
Esdeath (Deceased)
Bols (Deceased)
Kurome (Formerly)
Syura (Deceased)
Dorothea (Deceased)
Izou (Deceased)
Cosmina (Deceased)
Champ (Deceased)
Enshin (Deceased)
Liver (targeted without knowing identity) (Deceased)
Daidara (targeted without knowing identity) (Deceased)
Nyau (targeted without knowing identity) (Deceased)
Gensei (Deceased)
Suka (Deceased)

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