Karubi Thumbnail
Kanji/Kana Kanji/Kana カルビ
Rōmaji Karubi
Voiced by Takahiro Fujiwara (Japanese)
Josh Morrison (English)
Alias Kalbi the Butcher
Gender Male
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color None
Blood Type
Status Alive
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 16
Anime Episode 9
Image Gallery

Kalbi, also known as Kalbi the Butcher, is one of many contestants that partook in Esdeath's tournament.


Kalbi appears to be a very large, well-built, middle aged man, with a bull's head. He's got yellow eyes, a large hoop ring running in between his nostrils and small horns on top of his head. He wears penny loafers, a pair of cargo shorts with a red sash around his waist and dons a black leather jacket that roughly stretches to his chest. Additionally, he sports black wristbands with a logo of a red bull on them.

In the manga, he also wears a large chain connecting his collar and belt, which is omitted in the anime.


Kalbi is highly arrogant and excessively confident, as shown when he mocked Tatsumi due to the difference in their body mass and size. Additionally, he liked to boast about his level nine mastery of the Imperial Fist.


Kalbi participated in Esdeath's citywide martial arts tournament to obtain cash reward. In the final match of the day, he was set up against Tatsumi. Feeling confident of his victory, Kalbi taunted the young man due to their size difference. When the battle was underway, Kalbi was quickly pushed back and moments later knocked out with a heavy kick to the head from Tatsumi.


  • Kalbi's name refers to a Korean variety of grilled beef.
  • Kalbi's overall appearance resembles a Minotaur.
  • As each contestant was nicknamed after their occupation, it can be assumed that Kalbi is a butcher. The ironic twist behind this is his bull-like appearance, as butchers are known to predominantly deal with beef.

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