Green Colored
Kanji/Kana グリーン
Rōmaji Gurīn
Voiced by
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 165 cm (5'5")
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Blood Type A
Family Gozuki (Adoptive Father)
Status Unknown
Faction The Empire
Elite Seven
Shingu Sidewinder
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1 (Zero)
Anime Episode 22
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Green is a member of the Empire's Assassination group appearing in the prequel series Akame ga Kill! Zero.


Green is a young man with black hair and green eyes. He wears a green jacket with a black T-shirt and black pants. His shoes are also black and he wears glasses. He wears a necklace with a gem around his neck.


Green is a serious and intelligent young man. He is usually calm and relies on strategy rather than brute force. This was shown in his first mission when he used trickery to efficiently kill his target. He is in love with Akame and occasionally tries to impress her. He is especially attracted to Akame's armpits and even gets a nosebleed while looking at them during a mission.


Green was one of the many children that was sold to The Empire. He was picked to be put through a test in order to select candidates for The Empire's assassins. He was ranked fifth among the candidates and got into the Elite Seven.

During his first mission, his target is physically very strong, but not very clever. Green uses this to his advantage by luring his target with a coin and hiding on a tree branch above it. He then effortlessly kills his target by hanging him on the tree with Sidewinder. Later, he is also involved in the assassination of Viceroy Ragiri along with the other members of the Elite Seven.

While he and the other male members of the Elite Seven wait near a hot spring, he admits to his fellow male teammates that he has feelings for Akame and a rather strange armpit fetish. He claims that he discovered his fetish when one day, he tried to wake Akame up and he was struck by what he described as a "weird feeling" and couldn't take off his eyes off her armpit. Ever since then, he states that he often tries to look at Akame's armpit.

Unfortunately for him, the group of his female teammates, including Akame, were eavesdropping on their conversation, which led to some of his teammates to think that he's "not so normal". Akame now aware of his feelings for her and is happy about it, but she only thinks of him as an important comrade.

Abilities & Equipment

His Shingu is Sidewinder, a whip that moves in accordance to its possessor's will. However, it's strong characteristics can make it difficult to maneuver. Like the other members of the Elite Seven, he is immune to most poisons.