Grand Chariot
Grand Chariot anime
Kanji/Kana 修羅化身 グランシャリオ
Voiced by
Rōmaji Shura Kesshin: Guran Shario
Full name Carnage Incarnate: Grand Chariot
Type Armor
Status Active
Faction The Empire (Formerly)
User Wave
Former users
Abilities Fullbody Armor
Enhanced Physical Abilities
Trump Card
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 18
Anime Episode 10

Carnage Incarnate: Grand Chariot is an Armor-type Teigu that is nearly identical to Incursio, although its key is a black short sword with a handguard and a chain link tassel on the hilt. When released, it takes the form of black, full-body armor with a phantasmagoric defensive film in place of Incursio's more traditional cape.


Wave states that Incursio is the prototype of Grand Chariot, meaning it was created after Incursio.


The stance required to activate Grand Chariot is exactly the same as Incursio's, in which the user will stab the key into the ground and the Danger Beast within will cover its wielder with armor. The Grand Chariot armor grants its user increased physical strength and speed, similar to Incursio. During Wave's fight against LubbockMine, and Akame, he displayed Grand Chariot's formidable capabilities. He was able to rip through a shield of thread made by Cross Tail and withstand a blast from Pumpkin, with Mine noting that the power was probably only enough to send him off-course.

Its full capabilities, however, have yet to be revealed and it is therefore unknown if it is more powerful than its predecessor, Incursio.

While the armor seemed to be completely invulnerable, it is shown that Akame's Murasame can cut through the armor if the armor is struck enough times. Also, Akame noted that the area behind the kneecaps were the weakest parts of the armor.

It was later revealed by Wave that Grand Chariot is always in a state of equilibrium, having no explosive power, meaning that Grand Chariot cannot be forcibly evolved like Incursio can, possibly due to how dangerous Incursio becomes if it forcibly evolves too much. This is probably what makes Grand Chariot the advanced version of Incursio.


  • Grand Fall (グランドフォール Gurando Fōru): The user leaps above the target by using Grand Chariot's flight ability and performs a drop-kick on the target which causes high damage. User can increase the strength and the speed of this move by creating two floating matters, each consisting of four dark petals shaped like diamonds.
  • Grand Fall Flügel ("Wing" in German): Similar to the standard Grand Fall, Wave used this attack against Tatsumi after equipping Run's Mastema along with his armor, drastically increasing the attack's power.



  • Fitting with Wave's previous occupation, the key of Grand Chariot resembles a cutlass, a common naval weapon throughout history.


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Leader: General Esdeath
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