Kill the Disaster
Chapter 50
Kanji/Kana 難局を斬る
Rōmaji Nankyoku o Kiru
Volume 11
Total Pages
Story Arc
Release Date
Chapter 49 Chapter 51
List of Chapters

Kill the Disaster (難局を斬る, Nankyoku o Kiru) is the fiftieth chapter of the manga series, Akame Ga Kill.


The first scene is shown when Mine and Akame are training hard, with Mine motivated because the empire's strongest is after her boyfriend. The next scene is taken place in a room with only Tatsumi and Mine are there, sitting on a couch discussing about Wild Hunt. Tatsumi then brought on the subject of Esdeath coming back which made Mine wonder and say 'when you were captured, or when you got stuck on that deserted Esdeath do anything perverted to you...?' This caught Tatsumi off guard and he spat out his drink. Tatsumi then denied that she did but did say that Esdeath kissed him, insinuating that she did in fact do a perverted thing. Mine was about to cry of sadness but she then says that she doesn't know how many times Esdeath kissed him, she'll make him forget about her. This made Tatsumi blush and think back to when Mine confessed to him. Thinking that Mine was right, and when they kissed, he believed that he was falling head of heels for her.

Back where the Wild Hunt were, a huge tube was placed in the middle of the room with Cosmina inside, naked. Syura then asked Dorothea how she was doing and she responded with her being okay, also telling that Cosmina survived a fire in the past but her family was killed which turned her insane. Syura didn't really care about the back story and said that 'as long as she's useful in battle, I don't care if she's completely retarded'.


List of characters in order of appearance:

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