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Title Borick
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Faction The Empire
The Path of Peace
First Appearance Chapter 28
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Borick is a high-ranking individual of the Path of Peace, but is secretly a spy working for the Prime Minister. He seems to be a cruel and corrupt person, using drugs to addict members of the Path of Peace and using them as personal slaves/toys. His goal is to kill the leader of the Path of Peace without revealing his true identity and take his place, so that the Empire can manipulate the religious organization for it's own purposes.

During the Night Raid assault on the church, he believe he is already secured after Esdese defeats the main force and plan to do something with Leone, however Akame and Mein intercepts and before Kurome can react to fight Akame, Borick was directly slain by Akame's Murasame after Leone holds one of his legs to prevent him from getting away.


Borick is a clever man and a curious one as well. He is incredible hedonistic caring only for pleasure at heart (sexually) using any excuses to get it. He is also very arrogent, mixed with his hedonistic nature which proved to be his undoing.

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