• RCM9698

    Hello everyone

    As I am sure you all know, Akame ga Kill! is nearly over. However, the ending is a important part of the story. I always consider the general tone of the ending to be extremely important. Especially if you remember the series years later, a disappointing ending can really damage a great story. In AGK!, there are still a lot of different ways the story can be concluded. A few remarks before I delve deeper into some of the possibilities. 

    Many of the main characters (could) have a significantly reduced lifespan. To list a few possible reasons:

    Akame: Using a dangerous drug (and her trump card).

    Tatsumi: Being a dragon (and possibly becoming humanoid again or something).

    Leone: Gravely wounded by the Prime Minister.

    Mine: Used all he…

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  • Takashichea

    Welcome everyone, I'm Takashichea (Taka for short). I bought the Sentai Filmworks' Collector's Edition, Part 1. I say Part 1 because the company is splitting the collection in two, half of the anime series. Just as I feared once I learn. The important part of the Collector's Edition is the Red Book which could be the English translation of the original Akame ga Kill! Guidebook (see Amazon link). There are raw scans uploaded. My source is NSFW, not safe for work. Problem is that only a few pages were translated. I and others were curious if the Sentai Filmworks' guidebook which is smaller and presumably "half" of the original guidebook.

    Here are a few camera uploads via Imgur.

    Some issues: The Sentai Filmworks guidebook is a hardcover, so I w…

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  • Peterpires

    Tatsumi is one of my favorite characters in this manga. From the begining, he wasnt so much of an assassin and that strong, when he arrived at the empire and got involved in one of night raid missions and entered his guild, but during the story, where he learned about the corruption of the empire, as well as the dead of his two dear friends, sayo and ieyasu, in the first chapter, he decided to join night raid, in order to stop the corruption in the empire and save many lives from this dangerous threat.

    He received so much training and went in so many missions and fights to the death, like for example, his fight with ogre the general, the fight with the bufallo person in the tournament and the fights with the three beasts, including many of …

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  • B214

    Chapter 66

    December 21, 2015 by B214

    Okay so a lot happened in this chapter and it's clearly starting to divert from the anime already. For more info wait till the chapter gets translated.

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  • Kuja9001


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  • Aggression25

    I honestly don't know if we're allowed to ask this question, but do you have a favorite female character in the anime?

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  • Mattbrat

    Your Ships?

    November 12, 2015 by Mattbrat

    I would like to know everyones ships cause like I always see the same ones : Akame X Tatsumi, Tatsumi X Mine, Esdeath X Tatsumi, and Kurome X Wave..

    I have also seen some like "Esdeath X Myself" .-.

    But I'd love to see some unique ones like I ship Chelsea X Mine and Bulat X Tatsumi. im kinda a crack shipper XD.

    i have no clue how to end this so bye...

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  • Aggression25

    What is your favorite Imperial Arms? Ever since I saw this series on Adult Swim Toonami, the items shown have been quite impressive.

    So far, I find Murasame to be the best Imperial Arms.

    Which is your favorite?

    --Aggression25 (talk) 02:49, November 6, 2015 (UTC)

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  • BigBangOverlordBuster

    Teigus are powerful weapons/tools that are used in the Akame Ga Kill! Universe, one of the most powerful are Esdeath's Demon Extract and The Emperor's teigu. But due to such strain, the order is that, "you can only use one teigu, if you use two or more, it's your end". If this strain and limits are removed at some point, would it still be fun to see unlimited powers unleashed, Esdeath's power is almost near that point. SO what if the teigus lost their limits, and if the strain is removed as well, will that give the teigu user a chance to be a God, or it will bring him to destruction.

    I've asked some people in the net of the teigu's combo, here are the most talked about so far:

    • Incursio+Grand Chariot (Too OP)
    • Murasame+Demon Extract (Truely demon…

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  • Phantomofdark

    Akame ga Kill Chapter 63

    September 26, 2015 by Phantomofdark

    Interesting development with Wave. I wonder what Teigu he's going to wield? Lubbock's Teigu would be nice for more armor, but i wanna see power and armor. Maybe the Emprie has another Teigu that we don't know of. (Not the Shikoutazer) Capable of wielding two Teigu. I hope Tatsumi will do the same. That would be very cool.

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  • Drellix

    Chapter 63

    September 26, 2015 by Drellix

    This is a interesting development with Wave. If he is capable of wielding two Teigu, that will change the whole game. Now, the million dollar question is what the second one is.

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  • B214

    RIP Dorothea and Cosmina.

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  • Kiadony

    You probably shouldn't read it ._. It's a compilation of my "Why I love Ran so much" posts from everywhere, for personal use. Some of it is redundant since those are from different places. Also, it isn't to be taken completely seriously. I'm just an easily impressed, sentimental person who cries over beautiful music or sometimes even pictures; my love for Ran doesn't affect my social life in any way, and it only has a positive impact on my overall life. It doesn't mean I want him to be real, or suffer because he isn't - to me, he is like a work of art that I greatly admire, and this is a blog dedicated to him.

    This summer [of 2014], I was pretty depressed. I was tired of my work, I was feeling lonely because I had no likeminded people to talk…

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  • Drellix

    Volume 2

    April 20, 2015 by Drellix

    Volume 2 of the English Akame Ga Kill comes out tomorrow! I'm so excited!

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  • Kiadony

    Chapter 58 raw

    March 20, 2015 by Kiadony


    So Suzuka is alive after all.

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  • IzouBloodthirsty

    Ministers new wife

    February 22, 2015 by IzouBloodthirsty

    Im not sure but i hope it dont happen but since Syuras death Dorothea was always sitting together with Minister and the way they talk together I hope that Minister is not going to choose her because that would be disgusting What you think about that?

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  • Kiadony

    Chapter 57 raw

    February 19, 2015 by Kiadony


    All I can say is... 0_0

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  • B214

    side series

    February 4, 2015 by B214

    Yes i know it's a misleading title but i'm too lazy to think of a proper name. Anyway, i just suddenly got a thought, if Takahiro decides to do a side series on a AGK! character, who would you want it to feature.

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  • Garchopex

    Guys, I have found the rest of the chapter 56, you can see the chapter here:

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  • Hulk10


    December 25, 2014 by Hulk10

    Isn't Mine dead?

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  • B214

    Chapter 55 non review

    December 20, 2014 by B214

    Chapter's out on stream. \^__^/ Not sure if it's the full chapter though, 29 pages only. Stream updated so it's only 29 pages. ( .___.)

    Few things on the chapter:

    1. Mine and Akame vs Esdeath
    2. Tatsumi and Leone vs Budo
    3. Najenda is preparing Danger Beasts
    4. Tatsumi seems to have fused with Incursio. (My wish of Tatsumi fusing with Incursio seems to have come true \^__^/)
    5. Tatsumi lands a hit on Budo (thanks to Bulat's teaching, aniki. T^T), Budo gets pissed lightning hits Colosseum.
    6. No one dies yet.
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  • Qazqaz555

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  • Butterfly Effect

    And today we had the final episode of " Akame Ga Kill! ". Can't say if it was bad or good, It depends on the viewer's perspective but we have to recognize that was original and unexpected for the most hopeful people ( like me, kinda ).

    In my Otaku times, I've never seen a creator with such hardiness and courage to make this type of ending, where you can pretty much see that some stories are not " Fairy Tales ", in fact Takahiro stepped on this concept and forced the viewer's to accept his own reality. He defenitely escaped the anime stereotype ( if i could say that ), making the characters die one by one, subverting our perspective of " comfort zone ". 

    In this anime I hoped glorious victories, without sacrifices, and happy endings but that …

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  • Butterfly Effect

    Tatsumi's Death

    December 8, 2014 by Butterfly Effect

    Hello. i've recently joined this wiki, so sorry if im a bit ignorant.

    I wanted to ask you guys if in the previous episode of Akame Ga Kill Tatsumi really dies.

    In my opinion that's a bit disturbing, because for me he is tecnically the most important guy in the series. And another thing is that, there are so many characters dying in the past few episodes.

    Hope you can help me :)

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  • B214

    This episode had a lot of things which made me go WTF. Starting of the episode was good with Wave and Night Raid bits. We immediately shift to Najenda leading the Revolutionary Army (one part of it only i believe), while the remaining three goes to kill Honest. Ran intercepts them. Something tells me that Ran is going to survive in the anime. They even changed his backstory from Champ to bandits after all.

    We once again see Honest trying to presuade/manipulate Makoto to activate the ultimate Teigu, Gundam i mean Shikoutazer....., why that name. O___O Anyway Shikoutazer shows its power easily destroying here and there. I'm surprised the army from both side didn't run away. Embrace the death i suppose. ^___^"

    We then see the legendary battle o…

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  • B214

    Before i start my review i need to say this, next week, Gundam ga KIll! debuts!!! But seriously that's just terrible. The Ultimate Teigu being a giant robot. =___= Hopefully the Manga changes that. >___>

    Anyway back to the episode. The episode starts with Tatsumi being depressed until the girls talks him out of it. I feel like the anime did good send off for Susanoo and Mine (though Tatsumi got over her death quite fast). At least they had someone who remembered them unlike Budo, who is like no one cares about him.

    Back to Capital, the citizens have shown an all out rebellion. \^_^/ Wave becomes conflicted, Ran is calm as usual, while Kurome is definitely dying. ( ,_,) Once again, we see those ministers being worried, and Honest being the ma…

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  • B214

    Akame ga Kill! Episode 21 review

    November 23, 2014 by B214

    Okay finish watching episode so review time!

    The starting of the episode seems pretty much like the manga one, NR decides to rescue Tatsumi. And like the manga, poor Lubbock, no one mentioned him once in the rescue plan. T^T Poor guy, and he had to die half a man, i mean it literally. He lost a ball and got sliced to half, how much half do you want a guy to end up. Esdeath then shows up in front of Tatsumi, too bad Esdeath doesn't try to approach Tatsumi the intial way as she did in Manga. ( ._.) Well it's not like there are 2 girls trying to rape him when Esdeath isn't around, so i suppose there's bound to be a difference in approach.

    We shift scene to Jaegers, somehow it feels more and more like Ran will survive. >__> At least he's doing w…

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  • Coquidragon

    Chapter 54 non review

    November 23, 2014 by Coquidragon

    From Raw: Woa, what a cliffhanger! Next chapter will be awesome. Mine did what she needed to do and now is time to parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtyyyyyyy!

    The Empire's Esdeath / Budo vs. Night Raid's Tatsumi / Mine / Leone / Akame

    It's a pity the anime deviated from this. I really would like to see this animated.

    Nevertheless, for Mine's fight in this chapter, I prefer the anime fight in chapter 21.


    Scanlation is finally out!

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  • Warmachine375

    Hey guys, I'm Warmachine375, a new contributor of Akame ga Kill wiki and looking forward to work with you all and get along with you all! ;)  I have took interest in Akame ga Kill after watching the anime series recently. I'll be reading the manga later when I have time.

    This is my first blog in this wiki by the way.

    Having seen the episodes and most of the scenes reminded me greatly of Game of Thrones! In case if anyone already knew that then never mind. Just saying. George R.R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire might like this story already you know: character deaths both main and favorite, the incredibly rotten and sadistic side of humanity,  war, corruption etc.

    Oh please oh please don't let Tatsumi die for God's s…

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  • Coquidragon

    Waiting for the coming chapter, a theory came to mind. Since in AgK nobody is safe, I believe we will soon see Tatsumi die, with Wave taking his place within Night Raid. The two characters have been well developed, and there is still much to know about Wave. Since the main character is Akame, not Tatsumi, I think he already served his purpose, and that it was on purpose that Wave is very similar to him.

    What say you?

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  • Cold Rice


    November 20, 2014 by Cold Rice

    blog test

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  • Coquidragon

    Episode 20 non review

    November 16, 2014 by Coquidragon

    Interesting developments on this episode. It seems the anime ending, depending on the next manga chapter, might not be that far off the manga after all. Yet, who knows?

    As for the episodes themselves, good fights and a lot on non-canon info on Budo and his teigu.

    One good thing: no Wild Hunt! jejejeje.

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  • Coquidragon

    Episode 19 non review

    November 9, 2014 by Coquidragon

    This is not a review, but a rant. It seems the studio is going with an anime-only finale, and as such, the story already started departing from the manga. I am usually disappointed with anime-only finales and I hope they don't mess up, but if this episode gives any indication about it, I'll probably be disappointed indeed. I really did not like the pace, nor the changes introduced so far.

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  • B214

    Episode 17 Review

    October 27, 2014 by B214

    Now time to start the lousy review of mine. ^_^

    Continuing from the previous episode, Bols/Bors whichever you like, detonates the remainder of his Teigu. We get to see Leone and Akame use Wall's shield to protect themselves from the explosion, then Leone passed out shortly after, i'm pretty sure most anime only fans thought that Leone is dead at this point.

    The scene next shift to Bols who escaped successfully, he starts some flashback which in AGK is a deathflag. Bols notices a girl crying and being the nice guy that he is goes to comfort the girl gotta say quite comedic Chelsea is pretty good at acting. Anyway, Chelsea then use the chance and kill Bols by stabbing him in the neck. I gotta say the anime did a better job at making this scene…

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  • Animeslaya

    Did not read Manga!~

    October 19, 2014 by Animeslaya

    Okay, so I am kinda "New" to the Anime because I have yet to read the Manga because I never have time, but I have seen all the episode (1-16) and waiting for 17 to come out! This is  a very good Anime so I made this blog to see all your comments about this Anime/Manga and please don't spoil anything because so far the two deaths were very unexpected to me!

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  • Animeslaya

    Akame Ga Kill

    October 19, 2014 by Animeslaya

    Gr, Bulat why did you have to die? No, no not okay! I was very sad!! and, he died SOOO early, I feel like this Anime is going to kill of a lot of people real fast! (I have not read the Manga sadly) I posted this blog for the characters who died so far so Bulat and Sheele.

    Sheele, oo boy did her death make me cry! That was the first Night Raid death! Soo sad

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  • Coquidragon

    Image Gallery

    October 13, 2014 by Coquidragon

    What do you think of the current Image Gallery intro pages for Akame and Esdeath? If you don't think is needed, I already figured out what to do, but it was too late to implement. Let me know if I should go ahead with the change, or if an intro page is ok.

    EDIT: I have reposted the question where it should have been since the beginning: the discussion forum. Here is a link to the thread

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    Image Galleries

    October 12, 2014 by MAD SOULER

    This is my...... whatever.

    These image galleries are really annoying escpecially those that include images of, let's say, bikini wearing Esdeath or Akame or other female characters. I believe that since we're a tragdy manga's wikia, we should remove these irrelevent pictures. We can keep the rest,even though they are annoying too, and just remove before mentioned ones. I didn't do any thing to them because I wanted to know the admins' opinions, although I know that the majority would support this.

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    Sorry for the bother

    October 8, 2014 by MAD SOULER

    I'd like to apologize to Coquidragon and Kiadony for not being a good assistant. I was carried away by my own imagination and believed that I can do everything right. I'm sorry for my ignorance and lack of vision. I've criticized people who edited worthless information when, unknowingly, I was one. 

    If you wouldn't mind, would you give me some information regarding article editing or some online guides? It would be much helpful for future to come.

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  • Kiadony


    October 7, 2014 by Kiadony

    User:Kiadony/Sandbox - where fun happens.
    Lexilogos Katakana Keyboard - typing in katakana made easy.
    Tangorin - A Japanese dictionary.

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    Is it just me?

    October 5, 2014 by MAD SOULER

    Is it just me or does someone else feel like we're in a competition? It's probably just me though. And one more thing : Does this period of the day ( or night according to your own time zones) feel intense?

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    September 28, 2014 by MAD SOULER

    So, we're back to this time,again.

    Does anyone beside me feel bored ? With no new material to read and the lack of apperant motivation , we,once again, have nothing to do(atleast that's the situation with me) . We just keep editing spelling mistakes or other stuff .  So , If anyone has an idea on how to spend the next 20-30 days (Besides living your life normally because that totally stinks) , I'll gladly lend an ear.

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  • Coquidragon

    Kurome and Wave

    September 27, 2014 by Coquidragon

    Will Kurome and Wave die fighting Night Raid, or could they eventually join Night Raid themselves? I hope they both will eventually join, although I think Kurome will be killed by Akame, and only Wave will join.

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    Anything can happen

    September 26, 2014 by MAD SOULER

    So , this is my second blog post here so .. so..... whatever

    As the title implies 'Anything can happen' so , what are your ideas for how Tatsumi is to survive the next chapter?

    I personally believe that Tatsumi is a goner . He's going to die and no one can prevent his death except for his excutioner, Esdeath. 

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    September 25, 2014 by MAD SOULER

    I think that I'm not the only one that has been wondering about the "Imperial Teigu" that the prime minister has mentoined and how will it protect the emperor . So I decided that I need to hear some thoughts and opinions and maybe and just maybe we can reach a speculation that is both logical and acceptible within the AGK! universe.

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  • HaZe766

    Kill the Carnage Part 2

    September 22, 2014 by HaZe766

    I really don't know what to was a highly admirable moment to see Lubbock try to break out like the badass he is, and a swift shitty end like that was expected for him but...It's just another reason why you shouldn't have a favorite character in AgK. RIP Rabac, you will forever hold a special place in a small list of pure badasses, and you went out fighting like a man.

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  • B214

    One word to describe this episode: MOE!

    Of course there's also the cool moment

    And Lubbock interrupting Tatsumi and Akame moment.

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  • B214

    So episode starts Night Raid does an assasination on their target, we see Tatsumi and Leone completing their mission smoothly. Then we see Sheele and Mine who weren't so lucky as they encountered Seryu and her Teigu, some battle occurs which ended with Sheele's death. 

    Well the anime finally reached the part where we have our first Night Raid member's death. Sheele. T-T

    Overall the episode was good, but for some reason it felt lacking in feeling for Sheele's death, but they animated Seryu AKA Justice-chan nicely. :) Poor Sheele though, it's only six episodes and we already lost her. ( ,_,)

    Anyway It seems like we won't behaving time to mourn for Sheele since we're heading to the "Kill the Three" part. ( ,_,)

    Comments are always welcomed.

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  • B214

    Chapter 51 Review

    July 21, 2014 by B214

    Okay just read the chapter. Continuing from the previous chapter, Syura starts bragging about his plan being successful and as usual he's useless, so Esdeath and Budou end up doing everything. And i need to say, Syura you f*cked up basterd, i hope you die a horrible death. That basterd, poor Lubbock, it pains just to read through the pages of his torture. T-T Anyway Tatsumi tells Esdeath he has someone he likes. O_O Did he just raised the death flag for Mein (I still like to call her that), seriously Esdeath will go through all means to kill Mein. And the girls being worried about those two is a good touch. Hopefully Lubbock doesn't betray Night Raid. ( ._.) Cause if he does it might spell the end of Night Raid. And Esdeath she's as awesom…

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  • FallenShadow

    So, Chapter 50 has rolled about. This time it's more than some ten-page pamphlet. Rejoice.

    With this chapter most of us found out about the new names for the characters. Which I really hate, personally. So here's the changes if you don't already know:

    • Rabbac -> Lubbock
    • Mein -> Mine
    • Schere -> Sheele
    • Braht -> Bulat
    • Esdese -> Esdeath
    • Ran -> Run
    • Serieux -> Seryu
    • River -> Liver
    • Bors -> Bols
    • Shura -> Syura
    • Budou -> Budo
    • Borick -> Bolic

    I hope you enjoyed my first blog.

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