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アカメが斬る!; 斬·赤紅之瞳!; Akame ga Kill! is a manga published in Gangan Joker authored by Takahiro and Tashiro Tetsuya.

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Night Raid

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Anime Short
Akame ga Kill Theater Episode 16 English Subbed01:09

Akame ga Kill Theater Episode 16 English Subbed

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Akame Ep 1 - Tatsumi surprised
Featured Character
Bulat feat1

Bulat was one of the members of the assassin's group, Night Raid. He was a kind man who was passionate towards his friends, as well as a strong warrior who used the Teigu Incursio.

Featured Teigu
Bors using Rubicante

Purgatory's Invitation: Rubicante was a Teigu in the form of a flamethrower. It was wielded by Bols. Its flames were so intense they couldn't be doused by water.

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