Kanji/Kana Ketsueki Chōshū: Abuzodekku
Voiced by
Rōmaji 血液徴収 アブゾデック
Full name Blood Collection: Absordex
Type Fangs
Status Destroyed
Faction The Empire
Former users Dorothea
Trump Card
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 44

Blood Collection: Absordex was a Teigu formerly wielded by Dorothea, a former member of Wild Hunt. It took the shape of fangs. It was most likely destroyed when Dorothea was smashed under a boulder by Leone.


Dorothea first used Absordex at the military training ground, when she and the rest of Wild Hunt executed several death row criminals who were fighting in order to achieve promised acquittals.

After Dorothea's defeat at the hands of Leone, the Teigu was destroyed by the latter who used a giant boulder to crush the former.


Dorothea used her Teigu to bite enemies in order to kill them, while also sucking out their blood. The victims of Abosorbdex bite desiccated but the details of this process aren't known yet. After absorbing blood from an enemy, Dorothea's strength and regenerative abilities became enhanced.


  • Absordex granted its user the abilities similar to those of vampires.

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